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Denise Duffy
City Treasurer/City Accountant
303 S. Teel
Devine, Texas 78016
Phone (830) 663-2804
Fax (830) 663-2208

E-mail Address –

The City Accountant is responsible for managing the city’s financial resources. This includes accounts payable, payroll, and cash management; administering the investment policies and practices to ensure a maximum rate of return on investments; ensuring that the assets of the City are adequately protected and providing regular financial reports to the City Administrator and City Council.

The Accountant coordinates with the City Administrator and Department Heads during the budget process preparing the annual budget. Also works with the administrator to ensure compliance with the budget as adopted by the Council.

The Accountant works with City Auditors and Financial Advisor during the annual audit Process to ensure that all mandated standards are met as required by Federal, State and City laws.

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